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 The Doughnut Mum


The doughnut mum is a family-run business in south western sydney. We use only the finest and natural ingredients available to deliver the best gourmet doughnut experience in every bite!

With deep roots in the bakery scene since the early 1990’s – we understand how to work with flour and the magic it can create from bread to biscuits, cookies to cakes to doughnuts!

The world of doughnuts or donuts has always been divided into Cake Vs Yeast but at the Doughnut Mum, yeast raised doughnuts reign supreme. Why? because the texture is light and airy and have a slight chew-y perfection.

Having also traveled to Europe and the United States doughnut tasting, we know what kind of dough-y perfection we like and wanted to share our love of the humble doughnut and showcase our delectable frostings, fillings range to our customers.

There’s no better match made in heaven than doughnuts and coffee. Our second love affair with coffee led us to invest in the Slayer Espresso Machine to provide consistent extraction from our specialty blend, Glazy Days – a delicate, medium roast with a hint of natural sweet caramel.

We like to support other local businesses, collectively, we can grow and take the food scene profile of South Western Sydney to great heights. This initiative led us to collaborate with an extremely passionate local coffee roaster - Goliath Coffee, with their wealth of knowledge, they worked with us to create that perfect flavour profile to match our doughnuts.

Since we’ve opened up our store at Warwick Farm in October 2019, we have received overwhelming support from the adjoining local businesses and the community, we’ve made friends and took care of each other through some unprecedented times. We’ve seen our generous customers purchase doughnuts and coffees for our fire & rescue during the tough 2019 bushfire season, we’ve all adjusted with COVID-19 social distancing arrangements and our community spirit remains strong – now more than ever, it is important to #MAKEKINDNESSLOUD.

Through our love for doughnuts, lets #MAKEKINDNESSLOUD when sharing your six-packs with family and friends!

We also love interacting with our customers, whether in-store, face to face or on social media – we are open to feedback, if you have a flavour idea in mind – LET US KNOW!


Glazy Days


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